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Ultra Premium Pure Matcha Green Tea


I am a huge fan of green tea and especially a really good matcha green tea. So I was particularly excited to try this ultra premium pure matcha.

Green tea, for me, has the benefit of keeping my metabolism going and burning fats more easily than when I am not drinking it. I always see a real difference in my weight when I haven’t been drinking my tea. It comes off more slowly and I sit at a standstill. But when I am drinking it daily, I can easily lose more weight without as much effort. Last summer I lost nearly 20 lbs and I contribute much of that to my tea habit! Plus there are all of the other health benefits that comes with drinking green tea.

This tea in particular is wonderful. It’s organic and ceremonial grade. The powder is so pure and smells wonderful. Very green, very fresh. One of the best teas I have ever tried! I drank it straight without sweetener but sometimes I will add just a touch of honey to sweeten my cup. This powder would also be great to add to smoothies and other nutritional drinks for added benefit.

The package itself is not very large but still a good value. Matcha this pure is pricey anywhere so I can’t complain. I would definitely purchase this brand again.

This matcha green tea is available on Amazon and is currently prices at $24.95.

I did receive this item at a discount in order to review it and give my unbiased opinion.

by Erica
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Watermelon Slicer


It’s summertime! Tis the season for watermelon!

Every time I buy one of those beasts I’m left with sadness that I have to deal with cutting it up. I hate the mess, I hate touching it and getting my hands all
sticky and I hate the clean up. Which is why I generally will slice it in half and just try and eat an entire half in one sitting. Yes, gluttony at its best. But I’ll say that I may not be doing that as often as this little gadget works pretty well! It takes a bit of the frustration out of making perfect slices of watermelon. Is it foolproof? No. Sometimes it takes a lot of force to get it through the melon but not enough to make me not want to use it. There’s still some mess and the watermelon need to be pretty ripe. But it portions the melon perfectly and I can see it being a great tool for summer party prep.

Also, make sure you’re reading the instructions! My husband jumped in without paying any attention to the box and was using it backwards/upside down. So he couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t cutting and nearly sliced his hand open. That’s all on him for not being very smart at that moment. But a good warning nonetheless.

This item is currently available on Amazon and is priced at $11.89.

I did receive this item at a discount in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

by Erica
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Smart Prep Meal Prep Bundle


I was recently given the chance to try a meal prep kit currently sold on Amazon. At first I didn’t know how often I would actually use it but boy was I wrong! This meal prep kit has came in handy for me the last few weeks as I just started my journey with a well known weight watchers and am obviously watching what I’m eating a whole lot more than before. Generally I can be quite lazy about getting food prepped and then when that happens I am eating easy to cook or buy food that are not so good me. With this kit I can easily put together a few days worth of meals and can grab them easily when I need some fuel for my body. The included scale is also wonderful!

Clean up is easy as I put them on the top rack of my dishwasher with no issues. They come out clean and I haven’t had any issues with the plastic being warped.

I’ve never had a kitchen scale so that has been a real treat to try. Measuring out portions is so much easier when going by weight.

I have yet to use the veggie sliver/noodle tool but will be doing that very soon once my garden starts putting out more zucchini for me. I have a beautiful veggie garden and I know that will be happening soon!

I can’t wait to try it! So far I’m down around 7 lbs so hopefully with this meal prep kit I will be able to get down even further. Love it!

This item can be ordered from Amazon and is currently priced at $39.99.

I did receive this kit at a discount in order to give an honest and unbiased review. Thank you.

by Erica
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Chef Essential Cornbread Wedge Pan Review


Recently I had the privilege of receiving the Chef Essentials cast iron cornbread wedge pan to use and review. I was pretty excited because I have never owned a cast iron pan before and figured this would be the perfect chance to try one out before investing a whole lot of money.

This pan retails for around $19.72 currently on Amazon and arrives preseasoned. It’s already been coated in a vegetable oil coating so you can take it right out of the box and use it right away so after preheating it for 15-20 minutes I was ready go to. The first item I decided to make in it was not actually cornbread at all but chocolate chip cookie wedges! They turned out so yummy. Perfectly baked and crisp around the edges. The second time around I made cornbread wedges with pieces of hot dog mixed in. Basically like having a corn dog muffin. That recipe also turned out really well. No sticking at all and the edges were perfect! Crispy and delicious. I wish I had taken photos before my family devoured them. :(. But sadly I didn’t even think about. There will be more to come though so I’ll likely add them at a later time.

Overall I am incredibly happy with the pan’s performance as well as it’s cleanup.

I do have to be transparent and add that I did receive this item at a discount in order to do this review. If you would like your own pan please visit Amazon!

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